Walls get hot too ………

An eave is not an option! Apart from giving a building a personality – I always think the a roof looks a bit like a hat, and like a hat, if the brim is too small, or non existent, then the protection it affords is seriously compromised! So that’s why it’s good to have a […]

Potty Mouth

I apologise, in advance, for the language I am about to use – it comes straight from the toilet. There will be be references to sewerage treatment (or mistreatment), to human frailty and I may not remain wholly serious………… Water is a finite resource – water is life, but even more finite than life. Everywhere […]

Design Signs

Timber affords that measure of comfort that any and all natural products seem to provide – must be rooted deep in our minds. Timber allows for flexibility – partly because of the variety of forms it presents, but also because it has a predictable behaviour which means adding, subtracting and other modifications are easily done. […]

A Rose By Any Other Name

I know a punjabi named Hans. That’s really his name – it was his mother’s idea – its meant that he’s spent his whole life explaining that it really is his name – most punjabi’s do not have germanic names. I also know an Indian (as in the “sub continent”) who told me to call […]