2 Responses to “Should All Roofs Be Green?”

  1. Merv

    If it were not for the fact that I am from AUSTRALIA, I would be very confused by this article… Your article commences with reference to The Austrian city of Linz, but the photo above it refers to the Grassed Roof of New Parliament House to Old Parliament House in the Australian capital city of Canberra! The article then goes onto refer to the city of Sydney as actively encouraging the integration of green roofs into building design, again an Australian city, not Austrian…

    • malcolm

      Thanks for the comment Merv – Firstly, I would like to apologise for any confusion caused. In explanation; I am not seeking to provide authoritative reference material first hand, but rather a magazine style commentary with links to sites that are designed to provide in depth content for those who wish to explore the subject matter further. The style of writing I am using is meant to be quirky and provoke thought – it would not be for everyone. The world has a rich history of well designed houses (and other buildings) suited to climates in all parts of the world, with little need for mechanically assisted climate control. Somewhere in recent times, we have lost the thread and, as a result, we find ourselves short of power, and in danger of squandering the resources we have to produce it. The Australian Government(s) have clearly recognised this, but the support they provide is still largely via encouragement, rather than through legislation. I am trying to add my voice to that of many others in an effort to effect change.



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